JS Modules or ES6 Modules are supported in ES6 version only. However in ES5, some third party libraries add modules support, like CommonJS, AMD based modules in RequireJS and Babel.js

Modules are supported natively in Chrome and Firefox by using exports and import statements.

Module Export


export var x=33;

Module import


import x from './module.js';             


Export statement is used to export data from module. We can export single or multiple datatypes using var, let, const or function.

export var

    var age=30;
    export var age;

export let

   export let x=30;

export const

   export const pi=3.14;

export function

    let r=2;
    const pi=3.14;
    export function area(){return pi*r*r };


import statements is used to import data once export is used. We can import single or multiple data using curly braces with comma separator in import statement.

import is used only inside script with type="module".

<script type="module">    
   import name from './data.js';
   console.log(`name is ${name}.`);

import multiple data in export

<script type="module">    
    import {name,age} from './data.js';
    console.log(`name is ${name} and age is ${age}.`);