Frontend Web Development

Frontend Developer Tutorial by IIT Alumni, Certified Trainer having 12+ Experience in Teaching and Development. Learn Frontend Web Development step by step with live code examples.

A Frontend developer is responsible to build the client side of a website. Frontend includes languages like HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Apart from this, there are several tools, libraries and frameworks required to be a frontend developer. In this tutorial, we will cover all the topics required to learn frontend.

For successful career, one should starts with frontend first, build some projects and then start learning backend technologies. Even backend developer knows basics of frontend.

Frontend developers are among top highest paid in IT Sector.

Frontend Vs Backend

Frontend and Backend are both different. Fullstack Web Developer is both frontend and backend developer. But what is Full Stack, lets have a look.

Full Stack = Frontend + Backend

Frontend Vs Backend Development
Frontend Vs Backend Development

Fullstack web development includes both Frontend and Backend. Fullstack developers knows both front and backend in depth. So they can easily build a complete website by own.

Frontend is the client side part which includes three web technologies, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Backend includes web server and database. We can choose any web server and database as per the requirement of website.

Top popular backend technologies/languages

  1. Php (76.2%)
  2. (6.0%)
  3. Ruby (5.9%)
  4. Java (4.8%)
  5. Node JS (3.4%) (fastest growing)
  6. Scala (3.2%)
  7. Static Websites (1.8%)
  8. Python (1.4%)
  9. ColdFusion (0.3%)
  10. Perl (<0.1%)
  11. Erlang (<0.1%)

Most Popular Technologies Stack Overflow (2023)

From Stack Overflow Survey 2023, here is a list of Most Popular Technologies in IT Sector.

  1. JavaScript (63.61%)
  2. HTML/CSS (52.97%)
  3. Python (49.28%)
  4. SQL (48.66%)
  5. Typescript (38.87%)
  6. Shell/Bash (32.37%)
  7. Java (30.55%)
  8. C# (27.62%)
  9. C++ (22.42%)
  10. C (19.34%)
  11. Php (18.58%)

Most Popular Technologies Github (2023)

  1. JavaScript
  2. Python
  3. TypeScript
  4. Java
  5. C#
  6. C++
  7. Php
  8. C
  9. Shell
  10. Go

Frontend Roadmap

Our Frontend tutorial starts from core web technologies like HTML and CSS used to build structure and layout of a website. We will also learn HTML5 and CSS3 in depth.

JavaScript with Advance JS will start after finishing HTMl and CSS.

To learn Frontend, we need a code editor, a web browser, and basic knowledge of computers.

Frontend Roadmap with duration

Frontend Roadmap
S No Technology Duration
1 HTML with HTML5 12 Hours
2 CSS with CSS3 16 Hours
3 JavaScript with ES6 to ES14 28 Hours
4 jQuery 3 Hours
5 SASS 1 Hour
6 Bootstrap 2 Hours
7 SEO (on page) 1 Hour
8 UI Testing 1 Hour
9 Git and Github 1 Hours
10 Web Hosting 1 Hour
11 Projects 4 Hours
Total 70 Hours

JavaScript Libraries and Frameworks

JavaScript Libraries and Frameworks
S No Framework/Library Popularity
1 React 40.58%
2 jQuery 21.98%
2 Angular 17.46%
2 Vue.js 16.38%

Frontend Technologies

To build frontend, we use three web technologies or languages for frontend development. W3C is the organization who works to develop web standards for HTML, lead by Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of HTML. In this Tutorial, we'll cover all aspects to build a website.

Frontend Web Technologies

  • HTML structural layer of a website, used to create content.
  • CSS presentational layer of a website, used to style html.
  • JavaScript functional layer of a website, used to add functionalities.
HTML vs CSS vs JavaScript
HTML Vs CSS Vs JavaScript

HTML (Structure)


CSS (Style)

button{ background: red;}

JavaScript (Functionality)

<button onclick="greet()"> Greet <button>

Code Editors For Frontend

A Code Editor is a software used to write code, and browser is used to view live webpages. Some popular code editors for Frontend are VS Code, notepad++, brackets, sublime text , atom etc.

Code Editor OS Type
VS Code (Recommended) Windows / Mac / Linux Open Source
Brackets Windows / Mac / Linux Open Source
Sublime Text Windows / Mac / Linux Open Source / Licensed
Atom by Github Windows / Mac / Linux Open Source
Notepad++ Windows Open Source
Adobe Dreamweaver Windows / Mac Licensed

Frontend Video Tutorial