Runtime Control

Create Runtime Control

In sometimes we need to create control at run time instead of compile time. In this article I am discussing how to create control at runtime.

Remember your first program in where you create sum of two numbers. At that time you create control at the compile time and show output on button click.


Add Click Event for Runtime Control

In my last article I discussed how to create control at runtime. Now I am discussing that if we want to make any event on any control then how we generate. To understand the concept of event you must have the knowledge of Delegate


Ajax in

Ajax implementation in

Ajax is platform independent technology. AJAX stands for Asynchronous JAvascript and Xml. Asynchronous refers to the events that are happening in the background independently from the main application flow.


How to Upload image in

In this article I am representing how to store images in folder and show in the gridview.


Gridview in

Gridview is used to show the data on your Screen from database. In this article I will explain how to work with gridview. Following are some functionality which we can perform on gridview.


Themes in

Sometimes we need to change the layout of application for different-different user. For example if a single application is used by different-different client and every client has his own color schema, logo, font etc. requirements then we use themes A theme is a collection of skin files, css, graphics, images etc.


How to Call Stored Procedure in

Stored procedure is the precompiled form of queries which executed to perform some task. We can also call stored procedure using