What is asp.net

Asp.net is a framework and sub part of .net framework to create web based dynamic application.

What is skin file in asp.net

Skin files are those files in which we define the common property setting for asp.net controls like button, texbox, label etc.

What is the extension of skin files

The extension of skin files is .skin.

What is difference between default skin and named skin


What is the type of skin in asp.net

Default Skin

When we want to apply same property for all controls in the page then we use default skin. This skin automatically applies to the control which defined in the skin. This type of skin does not contain the SkinId property.

Named skin

A named skin is applied to those controls in which we pass skin id. A named skin contains the SkinId.

In which event we can change theme dynamically

If we want to change the theme dynamically using programming then we have to change it in Page_PreInit event. With the help of following code we can dynamically set the theme:-

		  Page.Theme = "Client2";

What is ajax

Ajax is platform independent technology. AJAX stands for Asynchronous JAvascript and Xml. With the help of Ajax we can create an area in our web form which post back and update without refreshing the whole page. It is called partial page updation which increases the performance.

What is the importance of script manager in ajax

Script manager is used to control the processing of ajax. The major responsibility of script manager is for downloading Microsoft Ajax library down to the browser (client).

What is update panel in ajax

Update panel control is just like a container for other control. It defines an area in your page which will be independently partially post back without refreshing the whole page. A single page can have multiple update panels.

What is full form of IIS

Internet Information Service

What is IIS

IIS is web based server which integrates asp.net, wcf and SharePoint services.