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Introduction of Linux

Linux- an operating system named after its founder Linus Torvaldo, has proved to be a revolutionary platform since its inception in 1991. It was combined with GNU in 1992 to form a complete operating system. As a distributed open source operating system, Linux has been developed by number of companies, meaning no one company is solely responsible for its foundation.


Shell Scripting

Introduction of Shell Scripting

Shell Scripting today is something which is gaining attention of most of the programmers because of companies shifting their working platform to LINUX/UNIX. Firstly the question that strikes everyone’s intelligent mind is- Why Linux? Because it is really fun working over it. It is quick.


Create and Execute the Shell Scripting

Open vi Editor
bhavna@ubuntu:~$ vi script1


Echo Command in Shell Scripting

echo - command used to display a line of text, message on screen and value of variables.


Variable in Linux bash shell

Variables play a very interesting role in any programming language when it comes to processing and storing some data in memory whether temporarily or permanently. Variables create their unique storage location in RAM and these locations are assigned a unique number called memory address.


Arithmetic operation in Shell Scripting

expr command is used to perform shell arithmetic and evaluate expressions


case in Shell Scripting

case…esac Conditional construct statement- It is used to check for multiple conditions for a decision making process in a shell script.