Introduction of WCF with Example

Wcf stands for windows communication foundation. It is introduced in .net framework 3.0.

Wcf is network-distributed service oriented technology. It is used to create the distributed architecture.


Data Contract with Example

As we know that WCF exchange information in XML format. Data contract defines which data type is serialized (convert into Xml). Primitive data types like int, string etc. serialized already as they defined in XSD (Xml Schema Definition). But custom data types like classes are not.


Message Contract with Example

In message contract data is sent in the format of SOAP message which in the form of header and body. With the help of message header we can implement security by passing credential in header part.


Instance Management in WCF

Instance management in WCF is the concept in which we can understand the instance creation of service when client request for the service. We have to set the InstanceContextMode in ServiceBehavior. There are three type of instance management available in WCF and these are as follows:-


Transaction in WCF with Example

Transaction is the option in which we execute multiple queries as a single unit.

It means either all queries will be completed successfully or none of query will complete if any single query having any error.


Request & Reply and One Way Message Exchange Pattern

Message Exchange Pattern is the concept which will show how messages will be exchanged between clients and WCF services.


Callback Message Exchange Pattern

Duplex message exchange pattern is a way in WCF in which client and service both can send messages to each other independently. Duplex message exchange pattern also known as callback.


Security in WCF

Message Security with Username Credential

There are two types of security in WCF. One is the security of Data and second is the security of medium through which message travel.


Message Security using certificate

In this article I am explaining how to achieve message security using certificate client credential. In my last article I described the message security using user name client credential.