In this artical we have discussed WCF interview questions with answers. These are mostly asked interview questions of WCF. These interview questions help both freshers and experienced.

What is Difference between WCF and Web Service

What is full form of WCF

Windows Communication Foundation

In which .net framework WCF introduced

It was introduced in .net 3.0 framework.

Which namespace we use in WCF


What is WCF

Wcf is network-distributed service oriented technology. It is used to create the distributed architecture.

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What is Endpoint

What is contract

Contract is the most important part of the wcf. It explains what service can do. We have following type of contract available in wcf:-

What is binding customization

Binding customization is the way in which we can customize the binding according to need. For example we need to change the buffer size, timeout etc.

		binding customization
		Figure 1

How many types of hosting we have in wcf

What type of instance management we have in wcf

What is the default instance management in wcf

In wcf PerSession is the default instance management.

What type of message exchange pattern in wcf

What is default message exchange pattern in wcf

Request & Reply is the Default message exchange pattern.

Which protocol used in Duplex or call back mep.