What is JQuery?

JQuery is the most popular Javascript Library. Library means it is a collections of multiple functions inside a single file named as Jquery. Jquery was released in 2006 and now a days, 95% of websites are using JQuery. JQuery has wide range of actions, like Event Handling, DOM Interaction, DOM manipulation, Animations, AJAX interaction etc making Jquery easy to learn.

What Jquery can do

JQuery can simplify Javascript Programming.

The best thing about Jquery is that Jquery is supported by Old Internet Explorer version, like 6, 7,8. A Single line of Jquery Expression will work on new and old browsers.

Jquery Examples

Select a list

Choose multiple options

Choose single option

Jquery Slide effect.

Click on the link

Collapse Box (Click Here)
Collapsible content using JQuery.

Jquery Fade effect

Mouseover on the images below

jquery1 jquery2 jquery3 jquery3

Jquery Animation

Mouseover on the images below

jquery1 jquery2 jquery3 jquery3

There are many more interested things which we can do using JQuery. In our next article, we'll start from the beginning, how to include jQuery library, how to download, various versions of Jquery etc.