Open vi Editor

bhavna@ubuntu:~$ vi script1

Write the following lines into the script

echo "Hello Linux Users...!!!!!"


• ‘#!’ is called as shebang. It tells the shell what program to interpret the file with when executed.

• #!/bin/bash tells to execute with bash shell.

Now save and quit the file using :wq command

Change the File Accessible Permissions of the script1 file to give execute permission to the user

bhavna@ubuntu:~$ chmod u+x script1

Execute the following command to check the changed file permission.

bhavna@ubuntu:~$ ls -l script1 <ENTER>
-rwxrw-r-- 1 bhavna bhavna 47 Jul 22 14:50 script1


(You will observe that the color of the file changes indicating FAP change.)

Run the file as below

		bhavna@ubuntu:~$ ./script1 <ENTER>