Angular is an open source framework and development platform used to build Web, Window and Mobile Application. Angular was build and owned by Google although Microsoft was also involved in Angular Development. It is Frontend Framework to create SPA (Single Page Application). Before starting angular you must know the following information: -

  1. AngularJS to Angular
  2. Introduction of TypeScript
  3. Pre-requisite for Angular
  4. Introduction of VS Code

AngularJS to Angular

AngularJS is basically 1.x Version which was launched in 2010 but Angular without JS represents Angular 2 and 2+ Version like Angular 2 ( beta), Angular 4 to 18. Angular which is released after AngularJS is not updated version of AngularJS but its Re-Written form of AngularJS. Angular is faster than AngularJS. AngularJS is only Web based Framework but Angular is Web, Desktop and Mobile Application based Framework and development platform.

Angular use components instead of controllers in AngularJS. Also angular is installed using npm. Angular JS use JavaScript, but angular use typescript with is a JavaScript Superset. Thus Angular supports better class features. This is good for Java and C++ Developers.

Angular JS supports ends in Jan 2022. So Officially Google is not supporting and updating and Angular JS. The last version of Angular JS was 1.8.2.


Most importantly you must know that Angular Code is Written in TypeScript. TypeScript is object oriented programming language which is developed by Microsoft. Typescript is the superset of JavaScript ES6. TypeScript code is converted into JavaScript by TypeScript Transpiler. Although we can also use plain Vanilla JS ES6 in TypeScript.

Read more about TypeScript in our tutorial.

JavaScript ES6 + Types = TypeScript

Advantages of TypeScript

  1. Optional types like string, number, any etc.
  2. Interface
  3. Generics
  4. Better Class Features

Angular Versions

Angular starts from Beta version 2 in 2016. This first stable version was Angular 4 launched in March 2017. The latest version of Angular is 18.

Angular get a major version every 6 months.

Current Supported Versions

VersionStatusReleasedLTS Support Ends
^15LTS 2022-Nov-182024-May-18

Angular version 2 to 14 are not supported

Pre-requisite for Angular

To start Angular, you must have knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript ES6. Angular is helpful for both Frontend Developer and Backend Developers.

I strictly recommend learning JavaScript ES6 before starting Angular. All the latest JS ES6 features like, classes, modules are used in Angular.

Angular Structure

Each Angular Application has Four Major building Blocks. There are

  1. Components
  2. Templates
  3. Directives
  4. Dependency Injection

VS Code

VS Code is code editor which comes with built in support for JavaScript ES6, TypeScript and Command Prompt. We am using VS Code Editor for this Angular Tutorial. VS Code was build by Microsoft, who was also involved in Angular Development with Google.

Extension For Angular

I also recommend to install VS Code Extension named Angular Language Service for better intellisense for Angular Development.

Angular Vs React

React JS is also a popular library of javascript used now. In-fact , react is more popular after 2019 then angular. React also support features like Single page application, components etc. Here is the difference between angular and react.

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