Angular is an open-source framework and platform owned by Google. It is client Side framework to create SPA (Single Page Application). Before starting angular you must know the following information: -

  1. AngularJS to Angular
  2. Introduction of TypeScript
  3. Pre-requisite for Angular
  4. Introduction of VS Code

AngularJS to Angular

AngularJS is basically 1.x Version which is launched in 2010 but Angular without JS represents Angular 2 and 2+ Version like Angular 2, 4, 5, 6, 7,8 and 9. Angular 2 which is released after AngularJS 1.x is not updated version of AngularJS 1.x but its Re-Written form of AngularJS. Angular is faster than Angularjs. AngularJS is only Web based framework but Angular is Web, Desktop and Mobile based Framework.

Introduction of TypeScript

Most importantly you must know that Angular is Written in TypeScript. It is object oriented programming language which is developed by Microsoft. It is basically superset of JavaScript. TypeScript code is converted into JavaScript by TypeScript Transpiler.

Pre-requisite for Angular

To start Angular, you must have knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Angular is helpful for both Frontend Developer and Backend Developer.

Introduction of VS Code

VS Code is source code editor which comes with built in support for JavaScript, TypeScript etc. I am using VS Code Editor for this Angular Tutorial.