Destructuring assignment

JavaScript Destructuring assignment in ES6 is an JS expression which allow us to get Arrays value or Object Properties in variables. The left-hand side of assignment will receive data from the Array or Object on right-hand side.

We use Destructuring for Array and Objects Data Structures.

Destructuring Example

let [x,y]=[2,3];
    // x=2; y=3;
let {name, id}={ name:"abc", id:212 };
    // name="abc"; id:212;

Array Destructuring

Array Destructuring can be used to declare variables and assign values using Array on heft-hand with variable names as array elements, and values in another array on right-hand side. If value is not defined, the default value will be undefined.

Array Destructuring Example

    let [x,y,z]=[3,4,5];
    //  x=3
    //  y=4
    //  z=5

Variables declaration using destructuring

    var [x]=[10];
    let [x]=[10];
    const [x]=[10];

Variables assignment using destructuring


Parameters using destructuring

    function sayHi([x]){ return x};

    //   x="avi"

Swapping variables using destructuring

We can easily swap two variables using one destructuring expression. There is no need to declare temporary variable for swapping now.

    let [x,y]=[2,3];
    //   x=2; y=3;

    //   x=3; y=2;

Object Destructuring

Object Destructuring can be done by declaring variable in object key on left-hand side and assign value from another object on right-hand side.

    let {name, id}={ name:"abc", id:212 };
    // name="abc"; id:212;

Assignment without declaration

    let x,y;

    {x,y}={ x:2, y:3};

    // x=2; y=3;