What is full form of HTML

Hypertext Mark-up Language

What is HTML

HTML was invented in 1990 by a scientist Tim Berners-Lee. HTML is the most commonly used language on Web. . Browsers understand HTML language and parse HTML code. It is a mark-up language, because it contains mark-up tags. It is not a programming language. It is used to build structure of webpages.

What is doctype

Doctype defines the type of web document. It tells the browser which version of HTML you are using. Doctype is always declared before HTML opening tag.

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What is difference between strict doctype and transitional doctype in html4

In HTML4, Strict type Doctype and transitional doctype both include all attributes and HTML Elements but strict type doctype Doesn't Include Presentation elements but transitional doctype includes.

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What are block level elements in HTML

Block Level Elements are those elements in HTML which always starts and end in a new line. They always took width equal to 100% width of parent element Exp p, h1-h6, div, ul, ol, address etc.

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What is pre tag in html

All HTML Textual Tags ignore white space and line break. Means text is not formatted. PRE Tag is the only tag which follows the exact format in which you are writing.

In which version of HTML image tag is included

Image Tag was included in HTML4 Version.

What is importance of alt attribute in image tag

Alt attribute is compulsory in every image tag. It helps google and other search engines to search images. If in any case image fails to upload, alt text holds the space and tell user about image.

How many types of lists available in html

There are three types of list in html, i.e, unordered lists, ordered lists & definition list.

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What is HTML Form

HTML forms are used to send data to the web server.

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