HTML Elements are classified as Block Level and Inline Level elements on the basics of their display. Some elements display as blocks and some inline.

To check an HTML Element is block or inline, open browser inspect and check display property in user agent stylesheet. If its display: block, it is block level, else it is inline level.

Block Vs Inline level Elements

<p> <div> <h1> < h2> <address> etc are block level elements, whereas <b>, <strong>, <i>, <span>, <u> and <s> are inline level elements.

html Block Inline Elements
HTML Block and inline Elements

A block level element can have both inline and block elements as children or descendants, but inline level elements can have only inline elements as children or descendant. (Except anchor tag or hyperlink).

HTML Block Elements

HTML Block level elements are elements who behave like blocks, like <p>, <h1>, <div>, <ul>, <ol>, <pre> and <address>. These elements always starts from a new line and occupy full width of parent element. Block elements can contain both inline elements and block elements. Here are some block elements.

HTML Block Level Elements List

Element Name Code Use
Html Tag <html> </html> Root tag to build html page.
Body Tag <body> </body> To group visible content of a webpage.
Para Tag <p> </p> Create new paragraph
Pre Tag <pre> </pre> Create pre formatted text.
hr <hr> Thematic Break or formally known as Horizontal rule, used to break with 2px gradient shadow.
Blockquote <blockquote> </blockquote> Create a blockquote from new line.
Div Tag <div> </div> Create new New Division
ul Tag <ul> </ul> Create new Unordered List. Unordered List
ol Tag <ol> </ol> Create new Ordered List. Ordered List
Address <address> </address> Create Postal Address
Headings <h1> </h1>, <h2> </h2> till <h6> </h6> Create Headings and sub-headings.HTML Headings
Form Tag <form> </form> Used to group Form controls and send form data.. HTML Form
Fieldset <fieldset> </fieldset>
This is a fieldset, used to group form element.

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HTML Block Level elements always start from a new line and occupy full width of parent element. They support width, height and text-align as they occupy full width of container.

HTML Inline Elements

HTML inline elements always start in the same line. Their width is equal to their content. Maximum inline elements are presentational, for exp, <b>, <i>, <s>, <u>. Some functional inline elements are <strong>, <em>, <del>, <time> etc.

HTML Inline Level Elements List

Element Name Code Use Example
span Tag <span> </span> Used to group inline elements. This is a span.
anchor Tag <a href="">Link</a> Used to create hyperlinks. I am hyperlink.
b Tag <b> </b> Used to give bold appearance. I am bold.
i Tag <i> </i> Presentational Element used to italicize text. I am italic.
Strong Tag <strong> </strong> Gives bold appearance and highlight content in searching . I am strong.
em tag <em> </em> Italicize text and highlight content in searching . I am em.
small tag I am <small>small</small> small print. I am small.
u tag <u> </u> underline text. I am underlined.
s tag <s> </s> Shows struck text . I am struck text.
del tag <del> </del> Shows deleted text . Product Price is ₹100 95.
sup tag <sup> </sup> Shows superscript text. 2000 = 2 * 103.
sub tag <sub> </sub> Shows subscript text . Chemical formula of water is H2O.
abbr tag <abbr title="Prime Minister">PM</abbr> Shows full version of abbreviation in title tag . He is our PM.
kbd tag <kbd> </kbd> Shows keyboard command . To print this page, press Ctrl + p.
code tag <code> </code> To show computer code . Here is the equation var x = "string";.
q tag <q> </q> To show quotes . This is a quote.
cite tag I resides in <cite>India </cite> To show cited title of work. I resides in India.
samp tag <samp> </samp> To show sample. This is a sample password.
ins tag <ins> </ins> To indicate addition to document This is inserted text for above column
var tag <var> </var> to show variables in code . x +y = z

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HTML Inline Level elements are elements generally used inside block level elements. They doesn't support width, height and text-align as are used inside line. Only <img> tag supports width and height.

Div tag

Html div tag is used to create divisions. Div is block level, thus starts from new line and occupy full width of parent. Div can group all block level elements.

    // content inside div

Span tag

Html span tag is used to create division inside line. Span is inline level, thus starts in the same line and occupy width of content. Span is used to group inline level elements.

    // content inside div