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What is Table in HTML

Table is collection of row and column.

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What is frame in HTML

The frame tag defines one particular window (frame) within a frameset

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What is iframe

Iframe is an inline frame used to embed other document within iframe

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What is marquee

HTML Marquee tag is used to write scrolling text from left to right, right to left, bottom to top and top to bottom.

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How to control the speed of marquee

Speed of a marquee can be control by using attribute scrollamount

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What is anchor tag

Anchor Tag in HTML is used to create Hyperlink. It can be an Internal Link or External

What is relative link

A relative Link is used to link pages within same domain.

What is xhtml

XHTML is the cleaner and stricter version of HTML. It was started in 2000 with version XHTML1.0 . XHTML 1.1 comes into existence in 2001. It’s very much similar to HTML 4.

Difference between html and xhtml

1. DOCTYPE declaration is must in an XHTML page which is written at the top of the document
2. XHTML tags and attributes should be written in lower case only
3. Closing tags are compulsory
4. Value of attribute is must.

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