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What is pig & pig Latin

Yahoo initially introduced the pig and pig latin. It is executed on Apache Hadoop Environment to process Big Data. It is having a scripting data flow high level language called pig latin to process Hadoop Data.

Advantage of Pig & Pig Latin

It is a language for non-java developer and simplifies the processing of Hadoop data. It reduces the development time of data process as it reduces the coding part.

Disadvantage of Pig & Pig Latin

Pig and pig latin is not suitable to process the videos, images, audio and complex files. If we write optimize java code then map reduce is little faster than pig and pig latin.

Operation under Pig & Pig Latin


While working with Pig first we need to load data using pig latin load keywords.

Perform Operation

After loading data we can perform operations like joins, filter, group, order etc.

Dump or Store

After performing the operation either we need to dump or store the output. When we perform dump then its only displays the output on the screen and when we use store then it’s simply store the output which can be reused further

How to start and close grunt shell for pig

By typing pig in the window we can start pig grunt shell where we can write commands. And by typing the quit we can come out from grunt shell.

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