What is Hbase

Hbase is an open source column oriented NO-SQL i.e. non-relational database which is built on the top of the Hadoop eco system.

As we know Hadoop distributed file system provides sequential data access, on the other hand Hbase is used for Random data access.

Hbase is the best solution for huge dataset for fast and random read and write. It is not suitable for small data. Hbase provides flexible schema for the table which is completely differ from RDBMS.

Hbase stores its data in key value pair.

Difference between hbase and RDBMS

  1. Hbase is column oriented database but RDBMS is Row Oriented Database.
  2. Hbase is flexible schema database on the other hand RDBMS is fixed schema database.
  3. Hbase doesn’t support triggers, secondary indexes etc.
  4. Hbase is suitable for large amount of data on the other hand we RDBMS is best suitable for small data.

Component of HBase

  1. HMaster:- HMaster manages all the cluster.
  2. HRegion Server: - it manages the data. These are slaves and running on data node.
  3. Zookeeper: - Zookeeper is integrated with zookeeper. It maintains all the configuration information and keep track on region server. Hbase Region Server node registered with zookeeper. So HMaster gets all the information of region server from zookeeper.

How to Start HBase

To start Hbase in Hadoop first of all we need to check whether all the demons running for hbase or not. For that we need to run following command on our terminal:-

Sudo jps

hbase start Figure 1

Then you need to type following command to start hbase:-

hbase shell