What is Master Page in MVC

In asp.net we all are familiar with Master page. Master page is used to create a common layout for the web based application.

In Master page we use Content Place Holder where we want to place other pages content.

Similarly we use the concept of Master page in MVC. We create a View which will be common to every page. Here we use @RenderBody() method instead of Content Place Holder.

Example of Mater Page in MVC

First of all add MVC application using Visual Studio->File->Project->MVC 4

Now go to view folder and add folder in which you can add your view which will work like master page.

		master page in MVC

		Figure 1

Now right click to this folder and add view and give it a proper name. Now create your complete Master page. And the place which you want to leave for other pages content, add method @RenderBody() .

Master Page Code

    Layout = null;

<!DOCTYPE html>

    <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width" />
                    <tr style="height:50px">
                        <td style="width:100px">@Html.ActionLink("Home","Index","Home")</td>
                        <td style="width:100px">@Html.ActionLink("Training","Training","Home")</td>
                        <td style="width:100px">@Html.ActionLink("Services","Services","Home")</td>
                        <td style="width:100px">@Html.ActionLink("Placement","Placement","Home")</td>
                        <td style="width:100px">@Html.ActionLink("Contact Us","Contact","Home")</td>
                        <td style="width:100px">@Html.ActionLink("Career","Career","Home")</td>

        <tr style="height:200px">
        <tr style="height:200px">
            <td>Add Your Footer Content Here</td>



In this master page I have simply showing the Menu and Footer part. In second row I have simply added @RenderBody().

Now create a Home controller and add action for index, training, services, placement, contact and career.

Now create view for each action and at the time of view creation select layout for master page

		render body in mvc
		Figure 2
		how to add master page in mvc
		Figure 3

So when you execute this code and click on delete button and you will get following window:-

Now go to your other view and add your content. I am simply putting page name in this content

Code of Index View

    ViewBag.Title = "Index";
    Layout = "~/Views/Master/main_layout.cshtml";


        <td>This is your home page.........</td>

Similarly I added other views and added the same content. Now execute the code and you will get following output

		MVC master page output
		Figure 4

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