What is SQL Server

SQL Server is Relational Database Management System developed by Microsoft to store and retrieve data.

What is SQL

SQL stands for Structured Query Language. SQL is basically Relational Database language which is used to create, manipulate and access the database

SQL Categorization

DDL (Data Definition Language)

create, alter, drop, truncate

DML (Data Manipulation Language)

insert, update and delete


Select command is used to retrieve data from database.

DCL (Data Control Language)

Grant, invoke

Data Types of SQL Server

There are many data types availble in SQL Server and some of these are as follows :-


int(4 bytes), bigint(8 bytes) , smallint (2 bytes) and tinyint(1 byte)

Floating Point Numeric

Float(size depends on value) , Real (4 bytes)

Character String

Char, Varchar, Text