Insert Command

Insert command is used to insert data into database. There are many ways to insert data using insert command and these are following:-

Take table employee having two columns Emp_id and Emp_name

Simple Inserting command

		insert into Employee values('3','priya');
		insert  Employee values('6','isha');

Insert command using column name

       insert into employee(emp_id,emp_name) values('10','sapna');
	   insert  employee(emp_id,emp_name) values('11','sapna');

Insert command in which we select records from another table

		insert employee1 select * from Employee;
		insert into employee1 select * from Employee;

Insert multiple records in single insert command

insert into employee(emp_id,emp_name)
select 12,'neha'
union all
select 13,'saloni';

insert into employee(emp_id,emp_name) values