Android User Interface controls

In my last article we discussed hello application and now we are going to discuss some UI Elements in Android.

Following is the first screen after adding android project

		android UI Controls
		Figure 1

At left panel you can see the controls tool-bar where we have controls like button, text view, checkbox etc. which we can use in android layout. This is default design view. If we switch to the Text we will get xml coding for this Screen (Activity).

		android activity xml view
		Figure 2

We have Text Fields to take input from the user

		Text Fields in android
		Figure 3

We have different layouts to manage controls on the screen

		Android Layouts 

Similarly we have widgets controls, date time controls etc. in android to create activity. We will discuss all the controls in this training. We need to drag and drop the controls on activity or we can also add them in xml file.