WPF Interview Questions with Answers

In this article I am sharing WPF interview questions with answers. In this tutorial I am trying to cover almost all frequently asked wpf questions. These wpf interview questions will help both fresher and experienced candidates. This article will help to prepare wpf concepts for the interview point of view.

In which .Net Framework WPF Introduced?

WPF introduced in .Net Framework 3.0.

What is the full form of WPF

WPF Stands for Windows Presentation Foundation.

What is WPF and its benefits?

WPF introduced highly rich features for windows client application that includes XAML, data binding, controls, 2-D and 3-D Graphics, Media, Document, Dependency Property etc. apart from this with the help of WPF you can create both standalone application and web based application which is known as XBAP(XAML browser application)

What is full form XBAP?

XBAP stands for Xaml Browser Application.

What is XAML?

XAML stands for extensible application mark-up language. It simplifies creating a UI for a .net framework application. XAML allows us to design up and logic on different tools.

What is Grid Layout?

The Grid layout arranges control in WPF in a tabular format, which means in the form of Row and Column. It works same as we use table Tag in HTML.

How we define Row and column in Grid Layout?

We define Row in Grid Layout in WPF by using RowDefinition and Column by using ColumnDefinition.

What is Stack Panel layout in WPF?

Stack panel layout arrange control either vertically or horizontally

Which property of Stack Panel Layout to arrange controls either vertically or horizontally?

At the time of stack layout creation, set the property Orientation either as Vertical or as Horizontal.

What is Dock Panel Layout?

Dock panel is panel, which allows you to arrange controls on left, right, top and bottom