What is LINQ

LINQ stands for Language Integrated Query. It is introduced in .net framework 3.5. LINQ integrated accessibility of data and query into language. LINQ makes easier to work with data.

Name some LINQ Provider

There are so many LINQ Providers are available but some most important are as follows:-

  • LINQ to Object
  • LINQ to SQL
  • LINQ to XML
  • LINQ to Entity
  • LINQ to Ado.net

Which namespace we use to work with LINQ to Object

We use System.Linq namespace

What is the return type of query in LINQ to Object

The return type of LINQ to Object is IEnumerable

What is difference between concat and union?

In LINQ both are used to concat two data source. But when we use union method then it will remove redundancy but concat do not remove redundant data and concat two data sources as it is.