C Language hello world prgoram

In this tutorial, we will learn how to write hello world program in c language. The extension of C language program is .C.

What is Header File

Header files in C language are those files, which contains functions, macros, variables etc. The extension of header files is .h. we include these header files using #include. # is pre-processor directives.

What is stdio.h

stdio.h is standard input output header file which contains the input output functions which we can use inside c language program like printf, scanf etc.

What is printf()

printf() function is used to print on screen. This function is already included in stion.h header file.

What is main()

We will start program using main() method. Main() is basically start up method from where c language compiler starts execution.

void main(){
printf("Hello World!! How are you today");

		hello world c language
		Figure 1