C Language interview questions. In this tutorial we will discuss Interview questions based on C Language with answers. This tutorial will help both fresher and experienced candidates.


C is the programming language, which is introduced in 1972.

Benefits of C Language

C is very fast, simple, easy and reliable programming language.

What is Bitwise Operator

Bitwise operators helps us to access and manipulate each bit in a given data.

Types of Bitwise Operators

  • & Bitwise AND
  • | Bitwise OR
  • ~ Bitwise complement
  • ^ Bitwise XOR (Exclusive OR)
  • << Left shift
  • >> Right shift

Which function we use to close file


What is the use of fprintf function?

We sue fprintf function for writing a file.

What is the use of fscanf function

We use fscanf function to read the file.

Which function moves the file pointer to a specific function

fseek () is a function which moves the file pointer to a specific function.