Angularjs interview questions. In this tutorial, we will discuss Interview questions based on angularjs with answers. This tutorial will help both fresher and experienced candidates.

What is AngularJS

Angularjs is an open source JavaScript framework to develop web based applications. It is usually used to create Single Page Application. It is easy to code in AngularJS if a person is familier with javascript.

Which javascript file we used to work with angularJS

we use angular.js javascript file to work with angularJS.

Features of AngularJS

There are lots of feature in angularJS and some of these are as follows: -

  1. It supports two-way binding
  2. It supports mvc concept
  3. It supports routing
  4. It provides dependency injection
  5. Testing is also very easy in angularJS

What is directives

Directives in angularJS extends HTML code to provide new behaviour.

What ng represent

Ng represents angular.

What is ng-app directive

ng-app directive is the beginning directive of angularJS. It is used to auto bootstrap angularJS application. We generally use this directive at root level like inside html tag or in body tag.

What is data-ng-app

We use data-ng-app directives to validate HTML5 because it will consider data-ng-app as custom attribute. If we will write only ng-app then html5 validator throw an exception.

What is module in angularjs

Module in angularjs is just like container which is having the business logics, controllers, services etc. it is just like main. As main contain the startup logic and in angularjs we use module for startup.

What is controller

In angularjs controller is javascript function object.

What is $scope in angularjs

$scope is the kind of object which represents the application model. It is used to pass data between view and controller. We can add properties in this scope and we can use it.