How To Download Jquery

Jquery is not browser embedded. Only Javascript is browser embedded. To use jquery in your webpage or project, we need to download jquery first.

<script src=""></>
<script src=""></>
 Download Jquery 1.11.0

Download Jquery from CDN

Jquery can also be downloaded from external sources like Google CDN, Microsoft CDN, CDNJS etc. CDN Stands for Content Delivery Network.

Jquery Google CDN

 <script src="">
Download Google Jquery 1.10.2

Start JQuery

After linking your page with jquery library or cdns, we can use jquery on our webpage. Jquery syntex is started with jquery or $ keyword. Both jquery and $ means jquery. Jquery can be attached to either head or body tag. For Faster DOM Loading, prefer Jquery in body tag, after content, means just befor body closing.

To Avoid Jquery Confliction with other javascript libraries, use jquery.

<script src="js/jquery.min.js"></script>	
		// code goes here
<script src="js/jquery.min.js"></script>	
		// code goes here

Jquery Document Ready Function

it is reccommended to start jquery with $(document).ready(function(){ }), or jQuery(document).ready(function(){ }). Ready Function will execute Jquery functions after web document is fully ready.

$ means jQuery. We can use any one, ($ or jQuery).

(document) means into this webdocument.

ready means when webpage is ready

(function(){ // code goes here })

Test Jquery

To test whether Jquery is working or not, open console of your browser and write following code. If Jquery return some function, that means jquery is attached.

    jQuery             // (e,t){return new ct.fn.init(e,t,V)}

Also $==jQuery or $===jQuery should return true in console.

   $==jQuery             // true
   $===jQuery             // true

Check Jquery Version

Jquery was started in 2006 with Jquery 1.0 Series. The Latest Jquery version is 3+. To check which version of jquery we are using, type jQuery.fn.jquery in console. This will return Jquery version.

    jQuery.fn.jquery         // return jquery version in string